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Download LeafletAvalon Growers’ Support Services Audits are essential but can be a burden – let us help you. We know that the work required to pass a farm audit can be both time-consuming and stressful. We have worked with our growers to develop an audit support system that plays to your strengths – you provide us with the in-depth knowledge of your farm and we spend the time recording and filing it for you in a way that best meets the audit requirements, allowing you to get on with the day job of farming.  Our service:

  • Developed by farmers for farmers;
  • Helps you to get things right first time, reducing  the likelihood of non-conformances;
  • Preparation & support is available up to and on audit day;
  • Monitors and informs you of changes so that you are kept up to date;
  • Provides adaptable standard documents and templates;
  • Offers policy writing & risk assessments.

Farm assurance schemes have become an essential part of getting your products to a commercial market and with the increasing importance placed on the associated audits, comes pressure to stay up to date with industry changes and requirements, and to get things right first time. We are able to offer pre-audit support for fresh produce suppliers in order to assist you with the preparation for a variety of audits and to ensure that you feel confident going into each audit. Whether you have had a change in farm office personnel, have signed up to a new accreditation service or are worried about how the new Red Tractor Standards are going to be implemented, then why not get in touch about our pre-audit support. Why choose AGPO’s pre-audit service? Our audit and consultancy service has been developed alongside growers to ensure that it meets their needs. It is the best way to ensure that your risk assessments, policies and procedures:

  • Meet your farm requirements;
  • Promote continual improvement;
  • Are effectively implemented;
  • Benefit your business; all the while
  • Complying with audit standards. 

As part of our own quality control processes, we ensure:

  • Our audit and consultancy products are regularly reviewed to meet customer needs, expectations and sector best practice
  • Consistently high standards of service are achieved by using a technical specialist with direct on-farm experience.

Audit Help: We are able to assist with the following:

  • Red Tractor Assurance Scheme (Fresh Produce)
  • Leaf Marque
  • Health and Safety Executive Visits (including manual handling and machinery risk assessments)
  • Seasonal Worker Accommodation Audits

All audit and assessment assistance is a free benefit of being a member of Avalon Growers Producer Organisation (AGPO). This service is available to all growers based in the UK, however a day rate charge will be applied to non AGPO members.