William Wolmer


Blackmoor Estates Ltd


Liss, Hampshire


Blackmoor Estate is one of only two remaining large commercial apple concerns in Hampshire. It is a family-run farm located near Selborne in Hampshire and is best known for its long experience of growing both traditional and new varieties of English apples and pears. William also grows cherries. The estate supplies many of the supermarkets from their 102 hectares of orchards. The cool climate and altitude in this part of Hampshire produces top quality English apples with full flavour and a crisp texture. Major investment has been on-going in replanting orchards with new varieties on modern ‘vineyard-style’ trellised orchards. This meets rising demand for home grown produce and substituting imported apples.

As well as the fruit enterprises the estate also has an arable enterprise, lets land to an asparagus grower and is involved in a number of environmental stewardship schemes for wildlife conservation.