Nick & Ian Overy


Ian Overy Farms


Tonbridge, Kent


Nick and Ian Overy are 5th and 6th generation farmers at Mascalls Court Farm, Paddock Wood. Burrs Hill Farm in Brenchley was purchased in 1983 and is the centre of their fruit production.

Arable crops and blackcurrants are cultivated on a large scale as well as apples. Bramleys are grown on the heavier Wealden Clay at Paddock Wood, and an increasing acreage of Gala apples is grown on the lighter Sandstone Ridge soils in Brenchley.

The Overy family are now investing in new orchards at Burrs Hill after a number of years of not doing any replanting. The new plantings are of a semi intensive design, opting for an orchard management system with no wire work and a single stake.